The knowledge of new hardware and software products/tools in the control systems engineering field is of utmost importance for the engineers. Thus considering the fact that there is a shortage of such skills in the marketplace, I-CAT solutions is committed to offering its training to both the engineering students who are in their final year of studies and also to the professional engineers who want to up skill themselves in the control systems engineering field. 

Our instructors are experienced control systems engineers who are committed to guiding their students using demonstrations and hands on lab practicals, making them market ready straight after the training.

We provide training on all major PLC/RTU, Drives, and SCADA products. Our training is subdivided into various modules. 

Students can enroll in one or many modules as mentioned below:

•    Module 1 – Introduction to PLC/RTU ( 3 days) 

•    Module 2 – PLC Programming in Ladder/ FBD (3 days)

•    Module 3 – Introduction to SCADA (3 days)

•    Module 4 – Introduction to Drives (2 days)